About Us

Modern society is built on technology, and the world of education is no exception. In these ever-evolving times, innovation is vital – and BNK Education is proud to
 stand at the forefont of 21st century learning. We pride our selves on being the number one student tutoring company in both New Zealand and the world,
offering both onsite and online tutoring 

Our interactive e-learning app has been developed especially by experienced educators and IT specialists to blend the best elements of online and offline learning – combining virtual classes with face-to-face teaching from an international network of elite education professionals. With the world realising the potential of remote working and global connectivity, BNK Education offers the perfect opportunity to future-proof students’ learning. 

In addition to personal consultations, we utilise cutting-edge AI technology to perform a unique training needs analysis – ensuring that courses are tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each student. Our fully integrated, interactive learning platform caters specifically for small class sizes, with results-driven teaching that allows for customized targeted content, greater focus on subjects, and detailed constructive feedback. 

With BNK Education, students learn, grow and thrive at their own pace, supporting them to achieve their full potential, wherever they are.